Immigration Lawyers


Everything you Need to Know about Hiring Immigration Lawyers

According to an inquiry done by the Current Population Survey (CPS) in 2019, the overall United States population is made up of more than 28 percent of immigrants and their children. That is quite a large number considering the actions taken by U.S. officials to monitor and reduce that percentage. This monitoring leads to difficulties in settling in the United States. Some immigrants have trouble getting into the country while others fight to settle peacefully in the States. If you fall under this category of struggling immigrants, then you might want to consider hiring an immigration lawyer to facilitate your long battle with your local immigration department.

What do Immigration Lawyers Exactly Do?

Immigration lawyers help their clients, which are mostly immigrants, to better than odds against the immigration law, in the United States or other countries. They act as a direct link between immigrants and their immigration department to smoothen their citizenship and naturalization matters. This includes visa and green card applications, deportation concerns, and immigrant employment. They offer their legal aid and advice to future citizens so that they prevent him or her from being deported to their original countries.

Cases wherein you should Hire an Immigration Lawyer

If you are unable to manage the proper paperwork that is required for any citizen only privileges, then an immigration lawyer is the key to your relief. The below reasons are a clear sign that you should seek legal advice and help from an immigration lawyer:

  • If you are an immigrant and not sure what to do.
  • If your immigration application has been denied.
  • If you are in risk of being deported, or have already been deported.
  • If you do not meet the requirements to obtain a green card.
  • If you wish to get citizenship to seek haven from your country that poses a threat to your or your families wellbeing.
  • If you simply overwhelmed by the immigration paperwork.
  • If you are encountering delays.

The Cost of an Immigration Lawyer

The majority of immigration lawyers charge around $100 for the first meeting that decides whether s/he can ameliorate your situation or not, after having discussed the case meticulously. After they have agreed to be hired and offer you legal aid, they are most likely to charge either flat or hourly rates, according to the complexity of the legal situation. For instance, in the case of having troubles with visa and/or green cards, clients are more likely to expect paying flat rate prices rather than charging per hour. The costs of immigration lawyers also depend on the state, town, and city you live in. Just make sure to take care of all the paperwork that your immigration lawyer may need and also feel free to ask how much their services might escalate to. After all, it is always good to know how much your wallet will have to shred.

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