General Details about Being a Lawyer


General Details about Being a Lawyer

We all know that lawyers dedicate their entire lives for the betterment and balance of the law. They ensure that they provide the necessary legal aid to guide and defend their clients. However, their role in the society is not only limited to that, so the following are some of the major general details about lawyers and being a lawyer.

What is a Lawyer?

The main job of lawyers is to represent their clients in several criminal and civil lawsuits. They also manage some of the state’s and individual personnel’s legal documents, and give advice on legal transaction matters. In addition, lawyers are given the opportunity to either specialize in a specific area of law, or operate in many. Their clients can vary from individuals, corporates, and government agencies. The majority of them practice their craft in private legal offices, whereas some work for local governments along with other lawyer co-workers, both working up to and sometimes more than 40 hours a week, from 9 am to 5 pm, almost every day. As for their salary, it is generally estimated between $ 70,000 and $200,000 yearly, depending on the state in which the lawyer works and the degree of expertise.

Types of Lawyers

There are basically 05 main types of lawyer jobs you can choose: a trial lawyer, a tax attorney, an intellectual property lawyer, a judge, and a law school professor.

Trial Lawyers:

While the process one needs to undergo to become a trial lawyer can be daunting at first, but the annual salary that comes with it is quite encouraging. To put it in perspective, trial lawyer spend a total of 07 years studying for that degree. As their job title suggests, they regularly represent their clients’ cases for them during a trial, after having discussed the possible strategies and outcomes with the client. Their estimated yearly salary roams around $101,802.

Tax Attorneys:

With the increasing popularity of taxes in our daily lives comes to need of a tax attorney to make sure that our taxes are well managed, or to solve certain tax issues. To illustrate the significance of tax attorneys, it is worth mentioning that companies in order to succeed absolutely need a tax attorney at their helm. These lawyers make around $101,655 a year.

Intellectual Property (IP) Lawyers:

This type of lawyers work to ensure the protection of intellectual ideas and properties such as music production, movies, books, logos, trademarks…etc. Earning up to $127,765 a year, IP lawyers are considered one of the most popular lawyers in today’s digital world.


Judges are considered as well-seasoned and chosen lawyers who are given the role of managing the court. They are the direct referee of the law, which give out the final decisions. With great responsibility comes a great income; in fact, it has been calculated in 2019 that judges’ median salary is between $210,900 and $270,700 depending on the type of judge and responsibilities.

Law School Professor:

This type is more straightforward. Law school professors chiefly give out lectures in law schools and help in cultivating judiciary research. Their salary ranges between $119,045 and $234,828.

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