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Three Reasons not to Hire Divorce Attorneys

A whapping 40 to 50 percent of marriages are more likely to culminate in divorce at the end of the line. Most of these divorce cases go through divorce attorneys since handling one’s divorce is a very serious matter than demands thorough legal actions, especially in the case of marriage wherein children are involved or when there are debts and assets between both spouses that needs to be managed. On top of that, the emotional stress both the to be divorced can be overwhelming and may lead them to lose focus, and that is why many see having a divorce attorney to make sure that the process goes smoothly is of utmost necessity. However, as we intend to highlight, that mentality of “I must hire a divorce attorney” can be deceiving and can worsen the situation more than better it.

What do Divorce Attorneys Essentially do?

Divorce attorneys are responsible for addressing all the legal aspect that must be addressed when it comes to ending a marriage in the legal tradition. They tend to child custody and support if children are involved in the marriage and divorce, especially if they are minors. They also help to divide assets and debts between both parties to satisfy each end. To do so, they strive to conduct comprehensive paperwork that includes the supporting evidence and they submit it to the court. Experienced lawyers have various skills, like objectivity and attentive listening, since they basically play the role of both a divorce attorney and a psychologist.

Why Shouldn’t you Hire a Divorce Attorney?

Divorce lawyers, like many professional workers, hide a few secrets under their sleeves that would otherwise risk their position. So below are some those secrets that you must keep into consideration when deciding to hire or ask for legal consultation from a divorce attorney:

1-Divorce Attorneys are not as Cheap as they may Seem:

If you ask people who have divorced before, then they might shock you with the immense amount of money they have lost in the divorce process. The more challenging divorces actually cost between $10,000 and $30,000. That amount of money could easily be invested somewhere else. Risking $30,000 could endanger your future, so it is advised that you set your priorities and visualize the future before taking actions that you might regret later on.

2-It does not only Stress you Wallet, but your Heart as well:

While that is a dramatic way to put it, but the process of divorce can significantly stress your psychological and physical health with the vast amount of paperwork. All of this could have been avoided simply by using other methods rather than hiring a divorce attorney.

3-You can Carry the Divorce by Yourself:

If able, and the relationship that you have with your former spouse is still somewhat healthy, you can perform much of the divorce process by yourselves. You can both agree on child custody and support, debt, and division of property(ies) peacefully without resorting to a divorce attorney or losing huge piles of cash.

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